The Queen Maeve Room

• Maximum number of guests is 300.
• Has it’s own private entrance.
• Contains a lobby & coat room.
• Grand stained glass double mahogany doors welcome you from the lobby to the banquet room and are a show stopper when a grand entrance is needed!
• Includes a very spacious bar with beautiful coffered ceilings that sits back in its own private area

• The room is adorned with 5 crystal chandeliers and mahogany accents give the space a luxurious mansion feel.

• A very spacious dance floor sits in the center of the room so that your guests are sure to be able to view any of the action throughout the night.

• There are no steps or stairs in this banquet room allowing full handicap accessibility

This is  “The Queen Maeve Room” (the larger of our 2 rooms).
Don’t need this much space & want to view our smaller room,  the Betsy Gray Room ?

Want to Hold Your Event in This Room?