Plated Dinner

Includes Standard Bar, 1st Hour Hors D’oeuvre Table, Champagne Toast for Head Table, Dinner Rolls and Butter.

~ Plated Dinner Menu:

Entrée Selection
• Chicken Marsala, Piccante, or Premier Sophia
• Breaded or Broiled Whitefish
• Broiled Fresh Salmon with House Cream Sauce
• Pork Loin Stuffed with Mushroom Drexcel w/Robert Sauce
• Roast Pork Tenderloin with Mushrooms and Peppers
• Roast Prime Rib of Beef w/House Zip Sauce
• Dry Aged NY Strip Steak w/House Zip Sauce
• Dry Aged Filet Mignon w/House Zip Sauce
• Duet Filet Mignon with Boneless Breast of Chicken
• Duet Filet Mignon with Shrimp
• Duet Filet with Lobster
• Trio Filet Mignon, Salmon, and Lobster

Pasta Selection
• Ziti Bolognese (Meat Sauce)
• Premier Center Fettuccini Alfredo
• Bowtie or Gnocchi in Palomino Sauce
• Linguine with Garlic, Olive Oil & Parsley

Potato Selection
• Italian Seasoned Red Skin Potatoes
• Fresh Idaho Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
• Premier Center Whipped Cheese Potatoes
• Santa Anna Potatoes
• Fingerling Potatoes in Garlic Oil and Parmesan
• Premier Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes

Vegetable Selection
• Buttered Whole Kernel Corn
• Honey Glazed Baby Carrots
• House Seasoned Fresh Green Beans
• Fresh Premier Vegetable Blend
• Peas with Mushrooms and Onions
• Seasoned Zucchini and Squash
• Broccoli Florets Garlic House Seasoned
• Grilled Asparagus

Salad Selection
• Tossed Garden Salad with House Dressing (Included)
• Caesar Salad
• Greek Salad

Soup Selection (Additional cost)
• Chicken Noodle
• Italian Wedding
• Minestrone

• Ice Cream
• Sherbet

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Gluten Free and Vegan Menu Items Available